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Please read and learn more about the art of Soo Bahk Do®, and the history, tradition and philosophy of the Moo Duk Kwan®.

Many people are aware of the art of t'ai chi, as there are millions of practitioners world-wide. It is realized and understood that there is an intrinsic connection between t'ai chi and other traditional martial arts; however, many martial artists may not be aware of the presence or significance of "sung" in their art.

Sung is translated to mean something like "moving without the conscious knowledge of movement." It does not imply complete relaxation. Movements are balanced between um and yang.

Motion is calm, slow and relaxed. Then comes an energy release point in which a movement or set of moves are totally explosive. Instantly, motion settles back into calm and flowing movements, like the great river or nature in general.

This concept embodies the essence of Soo Bahk Do® technique.

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Dan Bon System

The Dan Bon system was created by Kwan Jang Nim Hwang Kee in 1945 to identify certified holders of the Midnight Blue Belt in the Moo Duk Kwan®. When Kwan Jang Nim first began, he had a handful of students. But only four actually completed the training to Cho Dan; among those four was the late Master Un Chang Kim. After years of hard work, Master Kim was presented the very first Dan Bon in 1948 by Kwan Jang Nim Hwang Kee. He was 30 years old at that time. Master Kim is and will always be Number 1 in the Kwan Jok Bu, just as I am and will always be Number 44400.

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2017 Events Calendar

2014 KO DAN JA SHIM SA: Black belt martial artists from all over the world gathered in Ramona, CA for the 2014 Masters Training and Evaluation Testing.

DAN SHIM SA - Those of us who were fortunate enough to attend the Region 9 Dan Shim Sa on Saturday, April 26, 2014, experienced a great opportunity to learn some exciting ground fighting techniques from the Masters. Although Soo Bahk Do® is a "striking art", we should never dismiss the possibility that our fight might go to the ground.

Nov 1945 MISSION 2000Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan®

The "Mission" of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan® is to achieve World Peace through improved human relationships, and the United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation Inc®. is uniquely structured to work toward this goal. It's Charter and Bylaws clearly state that it's purpose is to promote the study, understanding, practice and public recognition of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan® in as many ways as possible that are beneficial to the art and the general membership thus insuring Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan® "Mission" will ultimately be accomplished.


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Moo Duk Kwan®

Kwan Jang Nim Hwang Kee The history of the Moo Duk Kwan® is as unique as the art itself. Founded in Korea in 1945 by Kwan Jang Nim Hwang Kee, Moo Duk Kwan® literally means "institute of martial virtue."

Creating the art was not a simple process; it would be many years between our Founder’s first exposure to martial arts and the actual birth of the Moo Duk Kwan®. In 1921, around age seven, Kwan Jang Nim Kee first witnessed the execution of a martial art.

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Soo Bahk Do®

Soo Bahk Do® is a traditional Korean martial art, which dates back hundreds of years. It embodies the Five Moo Do values, teaching discipline and respect, history, tradition and philosophy, as well as martial art techniques. It is used for both exercise and self-defense: to strengthen the body and the mind; improve physical flexibility and endurance; promote mental and physical health; and increase longevity.

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